Split Chartfields by Amount (AMT) or Quantity (QTY) Using Multiple Shortcodes


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How to split chartfields by Amount or Quantity using multiple shortcodes.


Note: Prior to splitting distributions on the Checkout page, you must enter the req settings and lines. See Create a Special Request eProcurement Requisition for complete instructions.

  1. Click the Schedule Details button next to the req line that you are trying to split
  2. Verify the ChartFields1 tab is selected or click it.
  3. Select Quantity or Amount from the Distribute By drop-down list.
  4. Based on the value selected above, change the QuantityPercent, or Merchandise Amount field to the value you want to distribute to the first ChartField combination.
    • Note: Changing the QuantityPercent, or Merchandise Amount prior to adding the row allows the M-Pathways system to automatically calculate the values for the subsequent distribution(s).
  5. Click + to insert an additional ChartField distribution row for the req line.
  6. Click the ChartFields2 tab.
  7. Enter or Lookup ChartField values for the new distribution row.
  8. Repeat steps 2-7 for additional distribution rows.
  9. Click Done.

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