Searching for a Voucher




How do I find a voucher without a voucher ID? What is the best way to search for a voucher?


The easiest way to search for a voucher is to use the voucher ID, but the voucher ID is not always available. 

There are several options on the search page and the more information you can enter, the faster the search will be.

  • Voucher ID--If you don't know the entire voucher ID, Begins With is a good start. Enter as much of the voucher ID as you can.  (Currently vouchers entered online begin with 6; voucher IDs are eight digits.)
  • Voucher Type--Select the voucher type if you know it. Most vouchers will be either PO or non-PO vouchers
  • Invoice Number--enter as much of the invoice ID as you know
  • Invoice Type--Non-PO vouchers must have an invoice type.  If you know the invoice type, select it from the drop down options
  • Short Supplier Name--First ten characters of the supplier name, if you know the supplier.  For employees it is the employee ID
  • Supplier ID--The ten-digit supplier ID, if you know it
  • Name 1--The supplier name.  For employees it usually is firstname lastname (maybe with a middle initial too)
  • Voucher Style--Typically Regular or Single Payment Voucher.  Single Payment Voucher are typically used for non-employee refunds/reimbursements.  Other vouchers are Regular
  • Related Voucher--If the voucher you're looking for is related to another voucher (if you're looking for a credit, for example) but this field is not always populated
  • Entry Status--Selections are Postable and Recycle.  Most vouchers are Postable unless you know there is an issue and the voucher is in Recycle status
  • Incomplete Voucher--If you saved a voucher for later you can select Incomplete Voucher to help identify it

When selecting qualifiers for the fields, Begins With will generally return results faster than Contains.  If you use Contains, any additional criteria will help narrow the range of vouchers being searched.

Additional Information

If you don't have much of the information from the Find an Existing Value page, you can try searching for the voucher on the Voucher Inquire page.  There are more fields there, including Accounting Date, Invoice Date, Entered Date, Amount, Account, Department, and User ID (all caps).  

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