Change a Single Administrative Point of Contact (SAPOC) and/or Primary Investigator (PI) on a Project/Grant


Shared Services Center


How can I change a single administrative point of contact (SAPOC) and/or Primary Investigator (PI) on a Project/Grant?


The Shared Services Center (SSC) has forms for updating Non-Sponsored Project/Grants (P/Gs) at this website: 

Here is the link straight to the form: 

For changing the SAPOC on Sponsored P/Gs, contact the Office of Sponsored Programs:

Sponsored P/Gs typically start with C, F, M, N or R, but if there is uncertainty, you can contact Accounting Customer Services at the SSC to confirm:

Additional Information

Need additional information or assistance? Contact the ITS Service Center.

Per Angela at SSC Accounting Customer Service (734.615.2000, opt 3, opt 4), the Primary Investigator (PI) and Project Director are the same and are interchangeable.


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