Create a New Budget Reallocation


M-Pathways Financials


Creating a new budget reallocation


  1. Log in to Financials through Wolverine Access at
  2. Click the NavBar icon Compass needle icon
  3. Click Navigator>Commitment Control>Budget Reallocation>Create New Budget Reallocation
  4. Enter the Project/Grant.
    • Can only be used for sponsored projects
    • Use the Parent Project/Grant number when reallocating funds between Parent/Sub Projects/Grants
  5. Click Add
  6. If applicable, enter a Description
  7. If applicable, click Preview Approval to view the approval path for the Budget Reallocation
  8. If applicable, click M-Reports to view the Project/Grant Budget Status Report
  9. If applicable, click Add Row (plus sign) to add a new budget line
    • An Account and Department value must be entered for each added line
  10. Enter changes to applicable fields in the Reallocation column
    • You may reallocate funds to/from a parent project to/from a sub-project
  11. Click Calculate IDC or enter Indirect cost manually
    • Calculate IDC is only available when the IDC basis is 50 or 19
  12. Verify that all Fund Codes display a net value of 0.00 in the Total Reallocation amount column
  13. To add supporting documentation to the Budget Reallocation, click Add Documents. Otherwise, go to step 15
    • Click Choose File
    • Navigate to select the applicable file
      • Only Only PDF (.pdf) and TIF (.tif) files can be added as supporting documentation.
      • File names cannot be longer than 65 characters.
      • Each attachment has a size limitation of 10MB.
    • Click Upload
    • Repeat steps until all supporting documentation has been attached to the Budget Reallocation
  15. Click Save & Submit to begin the approval process
    • Click "Save as Draft" to save and resume editing/submiting at a later time
    • Click Delete to permanently delete the budget allocation form
    • Click Refresh to update the budget allocation form with changes entered by other users
    • Click Cancel to discard any changes made since the last save
  16. If applicable, enter approval comments in the Additional Details field
  17. Click OK
  18. Review the approval workflow
  19. To add an approver, click Start New Path
    • Only individuals that are already part of the approval workflow can add additional approvers.
      • Note: Clicking Plus next to an existing approver’s name is not preferred. It requires the new approver to wait in sequence to approve the Budget Reallocation
  20. Enter the additional approver's uniqname in the User ID field.
    • You may have to look the uniqname up using the Lookup  icon
  21. Ensure that the Approver is selected
  22. Click Insert
  23. If applicable, click View/Hide Comments  to review other approvers' comments
  24. Click Save
    • Note: You must click Save to have the new approvers added to the Workflow.

Additional Information

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