Connect IoT (Internet of Things) Devices to the Campus WiFi Network Using MSetup


MSetup WiFi Network - Ann Arbor campus buildings only (non-Michigan Medicine areas)


How do I connect to the MSetup network for Internet of Things (IoT) Devices?


What kind of IoT devices can be connected? 

Personal devices that can be registered for use via the MSetup network include, but are not limited to:

  • Gaming Devices (PlayStation, Xbox)
  • Wearables (Fitbit, Apple Watch)
  • Streaming (Amazon FireTV, Roku)
  • Assistants (Amazon Echo, Google Home) Not all functionality is supported by our network
  • Smart Home (Philips Hue, Nest) Not all functionality is supported by our network

For devices that use a large data stream such as gaming consoles or TV streaming, it is recommended to use ethernet instead of WiFi.

For more specific information on which devices have been tested and are supported for use on campus, see the Device Compatibility Guide at

How do I connect my device? 

The MSetup website is the starting point to connect all personal devices to the U-M campus WiFi networks. (Note: MiWorkspace, Coreimage, and other managed devices should NOT use the MSetup process.  Please contact your IT/Help Desk for assistance connecting to WiFi.)

  1. In a browser, go to the website: to set up your Internet of Things device. 
  2. Choose "Other Device" for Internet of Things devices
  3. Follow the on-screen instructions to register the MAC (hardware) address of the device
    1. Name your device something you will recognize, i.e. "watch", "gameconsole", "homespeaker"
    2. If needed, under Advance Options choose "Private" for devices that use a network to speak to each other, but do not need to connect to the Internet
  4. Once the device is registered, follow manufacturer instructions to connect to the WiFi network named MSetup

Need assistance?

Contact the ITS Service Center for assistance with connecting your device and please have/include the following information:

  • Device's MAC (hardware) address if possible
  • General time/day of connection attempt
  • Physical location (building and room number) of the attempt
  • WiFi network name
  • Any errors or activity experienced during the attempt

Additional Information

Connecting to facilitates connection for laptops, phones, tablets to MWireless or eduroam via the WiFi Setup Tool, and for IoT Devices to connect to the MSetup network. The MSetup Network allows wireless devices that do not support WPA2/Enterprise authentication to connect to our campus WiFi network.  

Need additional information or assistance? Contact the ITS Service Center.


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