Requisition: Unable to Edit or Delete Line


M-Pathways Financials


A Requisition Line cannot be changed or deleted. It will appear that the line was deleted, but when returning to edit the requisition, the line is still there.

The requisition can be saved and submitted without error. However, when attempting to edit the requisition, most options on the line will be disabled (Item Description, Details, Distributions). If you delete the line via Shopping Cart/Checkout, the line appears to be deleted. However, when returning to edit the Requisition the line still exists. Deleting the line via Mass Change does not work.


This occurs when a distribution line is split by AMT and the percent entered creates a rounding difference. To fix the issue: 

  • Cancel the requisition and recreate a new one

To prevent the issue from happening, when splitting distributions by AMT:

Additional Information

This bug has been reported to our vendor. 

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Wed 6/15/22 10:16 AM
Wed 6/15/22 6:39 PM