Open a .dat File for Journal Entries

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Journal Entry, MPathways, Windows 10


A .dat file does not open when trying to view it. Files with an extension of .dat are often used to upload journal entries in FINPROD.


​​​​​​​The most common problem is trying to open a .dat file with an application such as Adobe Acrobat, which is not capable of opening .dat files. These files can be opened with Notepad (Windows 10).

  1. Find a .dat file you wish to view
  2. Right-click on the .dat file
  3. Select "Open With"
  4. Select "Choose Another App"
  5. Select "Notepad" (Note: You may need to click on "More apps" to find Notepad)
  6. Check the box for "Always use this app to open .dat files"
  7. Select "OK"

Additional Information

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