Requisition Error The Field {PV_PROCURE_REQ_V3_CI.REQ_LINE(1).REQ_LINE_SHIP(1).REQ_LN_DISTRIB(1).FUND_CODE} is Required


M-Pathways Fin Financials


Error Message Received when saving a Special Requisition:

 The field {PV_PROCURE_REQ_V3_CI.REQ_LINE(1).REQ_LINE_SHIP(1).REQ_LN_DISTRIB(1).FUND_CODE} is required. You must enter a value for it before proceeding. (15,54)


A valid Chartfield needs to be entered for each line; this can be done two ways:

Update each line on the Distribution Page

  1. While on the Checkout Page next to the line click the View Schedule Icon > Distributions Icon
  2. Enter in the appropriate shortcode in the Speed Chart field
  3. Select Done, Select Done again
  4. Repeat for each line
  5. Save or Submit


Use Mass Change to update selected lines from the Checkout Page

  1. Check the lines that need to be updated 
  2. Click on the Mass Change tab
  3. Enter in Speedchart (short code) or enter in the individual chartfields in the Distribution Information Section
  4. Select Replace Distribution Lines from the Apply Distribution Changes drop-down
  5. Click Done

Note* To avoid this, the Speed Chart (Short Code) needs to be added on Requisition Defaults page prior to adding any lines. 

Additional Information

A Speed Chart (Short Code) default can be added via the My Profile Tile.  This will default the Chartfield values on Requisition Defaults and subsequent Lines.

Need additional information or assistance? Contact the ITS Service Center.

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