Unable to Search Requisition Name in My Requisitions - Field Turns Red (Invalid)




When I enter in a value in the Requisition Name field in the My Requisitions filter the value is invalid (the field turns red). 


  • You may be able to modify your search and enter in All Caps and the system will return the correct search values
    • For example, if you enter Req in the Requisition Name field, the field will turn red (invalid entry), but if you type REQ, the system will return the correct results
    • These results can be inconsistent and we have submitted this issue to the vendor as a bug
  • You can also click on the Lookup icon (magnifying glass) located in the Requisition Name field, to expand your search
    • To expand your search do the following:
  1. Once you click on the Lookup Icon, click on the expand arrow in front of Search criteria 
  2. In the upper right corner you can select Show Operators
  3. You can now change the operator from begins with to contains, =, not = etc. 
  4. Once you change the operator and enter in the Requisition Name click Search, you can select the appropriate requisition.

Additional Information

We have submitted this issue to the vendor as a bug. 

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Article ID: 8110
Thu 5/19/22 7:11 PM
Fri 5/20/22 2:22 PM