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eRRM: Terminate an Exempt Study in eResearch Regulatory Management

How to terminate an exempt study in eResearch Regulatory management

eRRM: Tips for Selecting a Department/Organization in eResearch

The eResearch system gets all department names from the U of M HRMS system, so searching for the department name exactly as it appears in HRMS or searching for the department ID is crucial to locating the correct department.

eRRM: Withdraw a HUM, AME, CR, ADV, REP, IBCA, SITE application in eResearch Regulatory Management

Withdraw a Human Subjects Study Application (HUM), Amendment (AME), Continuing Review (CR), Adverse Event (ADV), Repository Application (REP), Biosafety/IBC Application (IBCA), or Participating Site Application (SITE) in eResearch Regulatory Management

M-Inform: Validation Failed: The Forms are Incomplete

How to remedy the M-Inform error: Validatation Failed: The Forms are incomplete. Please indicate you are not ready to submit then click "Validate" and review the error messages on the left.

Possible Archived Data Loss from Great Lakes Scratch

Great Lakes filesystem silent data corruption when using --sparse option with tar

Set up the Qualtrics Mobile App to Give Surveys on the UMICH Instance

This article provides instructions for logging into the Qualtrics Offline Surveys mobile application.