eRAM: Complete the EHS Medical Surveillance Form in eResearch eRAM


eResearch Animal Management (eRAM)


Provide steps to complete the EHS Medical Surveillance Form


Note: All fields on the form must be completed in one sitting. You cannot start it and come back at a later time. If a copy of the form is needed, you will need to do a print screen.  The data will not be saved in eRAM.

  • Connect to eRAM
  • Click EHS Medical Surveillance
  • Click Complete EHS Medical Surveillance Form
    • Complete ALL fields on the form
  • Click OK to submit

Refer to Complete EHS Medical Surveillance Form:

Additional Information

If you received an email request to complete the form, you can access it from that email.

  • Click the link for Medical Surveillance questionnaire

Need additional information or assistance? Contact the ITS Service Center.

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