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I am a team member on a study. Do I have to answer if I will be interacting with study participants? 


As of eRRM Release 4.5.3, Sept 20, 2021, all study team members (except Administrative Staff and PI), on studies involving interactions with study participants, will be required to answer whether or not they will be interacting with participants.

  • All individuals who get added to a study team after Sept 20, 2021 will be able to answer the question for themselves when they accept their role on the study
  • For all study team members who accepted their role on a study prior to Sept 20, 2021, the question will need to be answered by a study team member with edit rights. The question will be presented on the study team members' detail question view under the heading "Participant Interaction." They will need to:
    • Edit the application
    • Navigate to question 1.3 of the HUM/AME smartform
    • Click on the individuals for whom the question needs to be answered
    • Answer the question

Note: Make sure the study team member saves the application prior to exiting the application.

Question screenshot:
Participant Interaction Question Image

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