eRRM: Withdraw a HUM, AME, CR, ADV, REP, IBCA, SITE application in eResearch Regulatory Management


eResearch Regulatory Management (eRRM)


Once a submission is created, it cannot be deleted from the eRRM system. However, it can be withdrawn which removes the submission from all inboxes and deposits it to the Archived tab of the Home workspace. 

All submission types (HUM, AME, CR, ADV, REP, IBCA, or SITE.) in eResearch Regulatory Management can be withdrawn by any study team member with edit rights as long as the submission is in one of the following states:

  • Pre-Submission
  • Changes Requested by <ANY Committee, Core Staff, or Reviewer>
  • Changes Required by <ANY Committee, Core Staff, or Reviewer>
  • Contingencies Pending


From the left hand column of the submission workspace, click on the applicable activity to withdraw the submission. The Activities list will have one of the following available (depending on the submission type):

"Withdraw Application" (HUM)
"Withdraw Amendment" (AME)
"Withdraw Adverse Event" (ADV)
"Withdraw" (CR, REP, SITE, IBCA)

Note: If the submission is currently being reviewed by a committee and is not editable by the study team, the submission must be returned to the study team by the reviewing committee before it can be withdrawn.

Additional Information

Withdrawing a submission removes it from all inboxes and moves it to the Archived tab of your Home workspace.

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