M-Inform: Validation Failed: The Forms are Incomplete


eResearch M-Inform: The University's Conflict of Interest Disclosure System


Submitting the Disclosure for M-Inform does not work.

Error received: Validation Failed: The Forms are incomplete. Please indicate you are not ready to submit then click "Validate" and review the error messages on the left.


Could not update the Disclosure Certification due to one or more errors:
Validation Failed: The disclosure forms are incomplete. To proceed, please select 'No' to the question 'Are you ready to submit?' below and click Save. Then, in the left panel navigation, click the ''Validate'' button to display the errors on the form. Click on the blue hyperlink text to go directly to the page(s) identified to correct the errors


  • Click "Validate" in the upper, left-hand side of the screen to review the error messages per smartform page.
  • Click on the page links provided in the Error/Warning Messages to navigate to the page to which the error is referenced to address it.

Common example: The Discloser has not checked the checkbox indicating they have read and understand the training provided on the Disclosure & COI Training Form. Error text via Validate view: "Disclosure & COI Training: The discloser must select the checkbox acknowledging that they have read the training provided on the Disclosure & COI Training form."

Steps to clear error:

  1. Change the Ready to Submit checkbox on the attestation page to "No" and click Save
  2. Navigate to the Disclosure & COI Training Page
  3. Read the training materials on the page.
  4. Scroll down and check the checkbox confirming you read the training provided
  5. Save, or click Continue to save the page.
  6. Refresh the Error/Warning Messages to ensure the error cleared
  7. Navigate back to the Attestation Page to Submit

Additional Information

M-Inform step by step guidance on how to disclose
Note: This link is provided in the system generated email the discloser received informing them to disclose. See steps 3 & 4 of the "Completing an Outside Interest Disclosure" section
M-Inform Action Center and Smartform Demonstration video

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