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Connecting to MWireless Wi-Fi from Linux

Summary Configuring a Linux client for an MWireless connection.  Environment Linux MWireless Directions MWireless is the most secure U-M Wi-Fi network and should be used by all

Updating macOS

software up to date is a shared security responsibility that all faculty, researchers, staff, and students using U-M computers are responsible to comply with per the U-M Information Security SPG

Using Virtual Sites to access your research space

may see other connection options. For example, Engineering students have connection choices for Engineering related software. If you have any questions regarding connecting or using the service please

Connecting a laptop computer to a projector or digital display

check box labeled “Use Presenter View”. Nearby will be the choice of which monitor to display on. Nothing at all. There is no image on the projector. This can be because the projector is set to the

Installing applications with the WHE Softaculous Auto Installer

what software you want to use, you may want to request a test account. Your test account lives on a separate server and provides access to all possible Softaculous applications for you to install and

Checklist for recording lectures effectively

Microphone. All microphones in the room - worn, hand held or mounted in the ceiling - are connected to the system and must be active in order to record anything being said, even if they are not

Requesting Lecture Recording for an event or other non-class session

, please ask for Lecture Recording through your existing ticket in order to keep all communications regarding the event together and organized.  Visit Verify your

Using Scrivener for book writing

files in Mac.  Do not edit the individual files; instead use the export feature. BACKUP — File > Backup will allow you to make backups of your projects.  This is suggested.  Scrivener automatically

Adding managers to a Lecture Recording site

consent. Should anyone ask for this kind of access, all existing site owners/managers will be copied on the reply to make sure this is approved and expedite the process if appropriate.

Transferring Gmail and Google Drive data with Google Takeout

for all files will remain the same. If necessary, please transfer ownership of folders and files. External resources Google Takeout can also be used to create and store an offline backup of Google

Passwordstate mobile app

search to narrow down larger sets of password lists. The search will consider Name, Description and Tree Path. Please note: For security reasons, not all password lists are available to view in the

Creating a new student petition in Student Academic Petitions

. Complete all sections that have a red header. Required fields have a red asterisk. If you must attach documents, click on the [Select File] button to upload. Approved File Formats: Text

Windows 10 license deactivated

 AnyConnect - Mac / Windows) Choose, UMVPN - All Traffic from the dropdown menu Click, Connect Use your UM credentials for the Weblogin Stay Connected to the VPN for 40-60 minutes. Windows

How to get BeyondTrust (Bomgar) session history

their uniqname in the Customer Name field. Or, if you want to see a list of all of your sessions, click the checkbox next to Representative, then click on the drop-down menu and select your name

Adding a delegate to a shared email account

the upper right under your profile picture. Click "See all settings" Go to the Accounts tab. At the bottom of the screen next to "Grant access to your account", select "Add Another Account