Malwarebytes Nebula agent

This article discusses the Malwarebytes Nebula agent found on LSA managed Windows and Mac devices.

What is the Malwarebytes Nebula agent?

The Malwarebytes Nebula agent is a tool that can quickly detect and quarantine adware, viruses, malware, and other threats, and is installed on all managed Windows and Mac devices within LSA. The agent communicates back to the Nebula console, which provides central management, and enables LSA Technology Services support staff to run on-demand threat scans on devices when we are alerted to potential security threats through tools like Crowdstrike Falcon.

How do I use the Malwarebytes Nebula agent?

LSA Technology Services will use the Malwarebytes Nebula agent to run a threat scan on your device if they are notified of a potentially malicious file or application. Scans can be run on-demand remotely, quickly eliminating threats and saving device owners the hassle of a trip to Technology Services.

Device owners can also run threat scans on-demand by clicking on the Malwarebytes logo in the system tray (Windows) or the top bar (Mac), then selecting Start Thread Scan:


A threat scan in progress.

Threats detected by Malwarebytes will be automatically quarantined, with full details sent to the Nebula console. LSA Technology Services staff will review detections and delete or restore files as appropriate.

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