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This KB will provide instructions on how to configure the Passwordstate mobile app for for iOS and Android, and some basic steps on how to use the app.


Mobile devices running iOS 12 or higher, or Android 8 or higher 


Installing the Passwordstate Mobile App

To get started, log on to Passwordstate. Navigate to the user preferences screen by clicking on your username in the upper right corner, or from the Preferences menu in the sidebar.

  1. Click on the Mobile Access Options tab and create a unique and secure master password to use with the mobile app. This password must be different from the password used to log in to the Passwordstate web application. After you have entered a password, click Save.Uploaded Image (Thumbnail)
  2. Download the Passwordstate Mobile App onto your iOS or Android device by downloading the app from the appropriate app store:
    Apple App Store:
    Google Play Store:
  3. Open the Passwordstate Mobile App on your device. Click on Scan Pairing Code and scan the QR code present on the Mobile Access Options tab.Uploaded Image (Thumbnail)If needed, you can also manually enter the Passwordstate App Server URL:
  4. Once paired, log on with your username and master password.
    Please note: Your username must be entered exactly as it is displayed on the Mobile Access Options tab. Be sure to include "umroot\" as part of the username. 

Using the Passwordstate Mobile App

Logging into the mobile app you will be presented with a screen which displays your password lists sorted alphabetically, grouped by collapsible folders and with the ability to perform a quick search to narrow down larger sets of password lists. The search will consider Name, Description and Tree Path.

Please note: For security reasons, not all password lists are available to view in the mobile app. 


  • To synchronize your data simply use the 'pull-to-refresh' gesture on the list, this will initiate the sync process and a loading dialog will be shown whilst this completes 
  • Quick lock the Passwordstate Mobile App via the lock button in the top right hand corner
  • Tap the folder header to collapse lists you don't access often
  • Tap the password list name to view all the records in this list then:
    • Tap a record to view details
    • Swipe left on a record to Edit
    • Swipe right on a record to Delete
    • Add a new record via the + button in the top right hand corner
  • As an alternative to Master Password authentication, you can also enable Biometric Unlock from the settings menu to integrate with the device's biometric system (if supported). You must have the device's biometric settings configured prior to activating the Biometric Unlock feature in the Passwordstate Mobile App.

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Uploaded Image (Thumbnail)


Questions or comments about the Passwordstate Mobile App? Connect with LSA Security in the #team-rci-security channel.

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