Installing applications with the WHE Softaculous Auto Installer

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The LSA Web Hosting Environment with cPanel includes access to Softaculous Auto Installer. Softaculous provides the ability to easily install, update, backup, and maintain over a hundred common open source tools and frameworks.

Some of the most common options include WordPress, MediaWiki, Omeka, and Joomla. A full list of available applications can be found here.

Please note that only requested applications are available. If you want to use WordPress or MediaWiki please include that in your request.


LSA cPanel environment


If you are unsure what software you want to use, you may want to request a test account. Your test account lives on a separate server and provides access to all possible Softaculous applications for you to install and test out. We limit the applications available on our standard production server to maintain stability of our production server environment, and allow the test server to be more of a playground. If you develop a site on the test server you would like to move to production, we can assist with moving your site.

Please note: If the site says Softaculous is not installed, please contact as no plugins may be enabled for your site.


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