Installing WordPress on WHE

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This page details how to install WordPress in the LSA Web Hosting Environment.

Initial Access Document

When your site request has been fulfilled, you will be given access to an access document that contains your initial login info along with text directions for installing WordPress. More detailed step-by-step instructions can be found on this page.

WordPress Installation Instructions

  1. WordPress can be installed in a few clicks by using an easy installer script. To do this, log into the Admin page, go to the Software section, and click on Softaculous Apps Installer.
    WHE Softaculous Apps Installer.png
  2. From here you should see a WordPress tile and when mousing over an ‘install’ button.
    WHE WP Tile.png
If you don't see WordPress or the site says that Softaculous is not installed, please contact as the plugin may not have been enabled for your site.
  1. We recommend the following settings, which can be seen in the screenshot below:
    • Choose Protocol — Leave this as https: Note, we recommend you use https/ssl for any WordPress installation and have installed a valid certificate from ITS on your behalf.
    • Choose Domain — Leave default.
    • In Directory — Make this empty if you want to go straight to your WordPress site. If you want a WordPress site in a subfolder such as then put the name of that folder here.
    • Site Name/Description — Whatever you want it to be.
    • Enable Multisite — You probably don’t want multisite, but you can enable multisite here if you need it.
    • Admin username — Whatever you want
    • Admin password — Feel free to change this to whatever, but make sure you remember it.
    • Admin email — I would make this your email address or one shared by your group administering the site.
    The rest we recommend you leave as default.
    WHE WP Config Dialog.png
  2. Click install and WordPress will be installed.

After clicking install, the page will give you the location of your WordPress site, typically and it will provide an Administrative URL, typically


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