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What is the Remote Office Hours Queue and how do I use it?


What is the Remote Office Hours Queue?

The Remote Office Hours Queue (ROHQ) is a virtual queuing tool that allows meeting hosts to manage queues of attendees waiting to meet with them for private one-on-one meetings online, via Zoom videoconferencing or in person. This tool is for hosts who prefer to have one-on-one meetings with attendees rather than host office hours or other meetings in a group format.

Where do I access ROHQ?

Hosts and attendees must log in to ROHQ using U-M Weblogin.

Who can use ROHQ?

There are two roles in ROHQ: hosts and attendees (for more information on what these roles are and what they can do, see Remote Office Hours Queue documentation)

  • Who can be a host: Anyone who can log in with U-M Weblogin (i.e. not Friend account) and is eligible for a U-M Zoom account may be a queue host
    • Hosts are often (but not always!) faculty, GSIs, or advisers
  • Who can be an attendee: Anyone who can log in with U-M Weblogin with a uniqname and password (i.e. not Friend accounts) may be a queue attendee (no Zoom account is required for attendees)
    • Attendees are often (but not always!) students

What are the available functionality for each role (Host, Attendee) in ROHQ?

How do I use ROHQ?

ROHQ has user-facing guides at These guides can also be accessed from any page of the Remote Office Hours Queue application by clicking on the 'Resources & Support' link in the upper right-hand corner of your screen (navigation bar).

ROHQ also guides specifically for hosts and attendees (also linked from the above general guide):

Which browsers work best with ROHQ?

Remote Office Hours Queue works best with Chrome, Safari, and Firefox (desktop or mobile).

Additional Information

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