Opt In to SMS (Text) Notifications in Remote Office Hours Queue


Remote Office Hours Queue


  • How do I get a notification as a host when an attendee joins my empty queue?
  • How do I get a notification as an attendee when it is my turn to meet with a host?


Remote Office Hours Queue can send you SMS (text) notifications in the following scenarios if you opt in:

  • For attendees, when it becomes your turn
  • For hosts, when an attendee joins your empty queue

You can opt in (or opt out) to SMS notifications from your User Preferences.

  1. Hover over your uniqname in the upper right of the navigation bar
  2. Click Preferences in the drop-down
  3. Enter your cell phone number or any number that can receive SMS (text) messages in the Phone Number field
  4. To receive a notification when someone joins your empty queue, check As a host, I want to be notified via SMS when someone joins my empty queue.
    To receive a notification when it becomes your turn, check As an attendee, I want to be notified via SMS when it becomes my turn.
  5. Click Save

Additional Information

View examples of the SMS notifications and understand how your phone number is stored and used.

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