Opt Out of SMS (Text) Notifications in Remote Office Hours Queue


Remote Office Hours Queue


  • How do I opt out of (stop receiving) SMS (text) notifications?


You can opt out (or opt in) of SMS notifications from your User Preferences.

  1. Hover over your uniqname in the upper right of the navigation bar
  2. Click Preferences in the drop-down
  3. Delete your cell phone number from the Phone Number field
    Note: If you try to select the entire field and delete and it does not remove the phone number, try either only selecting the area code to the end (omitting the +1) and then delete, or click into the end of the field and backspace until the phone number and area code is removed. You cannot delete the +1 (country code).
  4. Uncheck both boxes, if applicable
  5. Click Save

Additional Information

Note: Your phone number will not be used for any purpose other than sending SMS notifications through Remote Office Hours Queue. Your phone number will not be sold or shared with any third parties. If you remove your phone number from this field, it is cleared from the database.
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