Adding and Removing Hosts of an Existing Queue in Remote Office Hours Queue


Remote Office Hours Queue


How do I add a new host or remove a host of an existing queue in Remote Office Hours Queue?


After creating your queue, you can add and remove hosts at any time.

  1. Navigate to the Manage page for the queue (click on the queue from
  2. Click Settings in the upper right corner of the page
  3. Click Manage Hosts on the left
  4. To add a new host: Enter the uniqname of the host you want to add in the Uniqname… field and click + Add Host. This person will instantly have access to manage the queue. Remote Office Hours Queue does NOT send them a notification, so make sure to let them know once you have added them
    • All hosts must have logged in to Remote Office Hours Queue prior to being added. If you see the following error, have the person navigate to and login, then try to add them again
      Add Host: [uniqname] is not a valid user. Please make sure the uniqname is correct, and that they have logged onto Remote Office Hours Queue at least once
    • Other hosts must be people; group accounts and MCommunity groups cannot be hosts
  5. To remove a host: Click the trash icon next to the host you want to remove in Current Hosts. This person will instantly no longer have access to manage the queue
    • You cannot remove yourself as a host. If you need to be removed as a host, have a different host of the queue remove you

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