Creating a New Queue in Remote Office Hours Queue


Remote Office Hours Queue


How do I create a new queue in Remote Office Hours Queue?


  1. Navigate to your My Meeting Queues page (
  2. Click + Add Queue
  3. Complete the Name, Description, Meeting Type, and, if applicable, In-Person Meeting Location fields. You can change this information at any time after creating the queue.

Add queue page, General tab, with fields Name and Description

  • Name will show to attendees when they are on your queue page, as shown in the example below
    Screenshot says "Welcome to the QUEUE NAME meeting queue."

  • Description shows just below the Queue Name. Use this field to describe the hours that the queue is open, what the queue is for (a particular course's office hours, a department's drop-in advising, etc), where in-person meetings will take place if in-person is an option, etc.
  • Meeting Type determines which types of meetings your queue allows. If only one is selected, all attendees will join with that meeting type. If multiple are selected, attendees can choose between the types when they join. For example, you may allow both in-person meetings and meetings over video conference to accommodate both residential students and remote learners. If you are hosting in-person meetings, make sure the queue description provides clear information for attendees on where to go when it is their turn.
  • In-Person Meeting Location only shows if you check In-Person as a meeting type. This field allows you to add text describing the location where attendees should go for in-person meetings. The contents of this field show to attendees prior to joining the queue, and show to attendees who select In-Person as a meeting type after joining the queue.
  1. Click Next
  2. If applicable, add other hosts by entering a host's uniqname and clicking + Add Host. Repeat this process until all hosts are added. You can add or remove hosts at any time after creating the queue. Other hosts will be able to see and manage the queue just as you can. This is a good option for instructional teams leading office hours together, academic advisors collaborating on drop-in advising, etc.

Add Queue page, Manage Hosts tab, Add Hosts section

  1. Click Finish Adding Queue
  2. In the future, to change any of the information you entered, click Settings in the upper right corner of the queue management page

Additional Information

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