Manually Adding Attendees to a Queue You Host in Remote Office Hours Queue


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How do I manually add an attendee to my queue as a host, instead of the attendee joining the queue on their own?


Most attendees should join the queue on their own, but if you need to manually add an attendee to your queue, you may do so.

  1. Type the attendee's uniqname in the Uniqname... field
  2. Select the meeting type in the drop-down, if your queue allows multiple meeting types
  3. Click Add Attendee
    • If you receive an error, this may be because the attendee has never logged in to Remote Office Hours Queue. Have them navigate to and click Login and login with U-M Weblogin. Then return to the page.
NOTE: Attendees do NOT receive a notification that you have added them. Make sure to send them the link to your queue from the Queue URL section so they can meet with you.

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