Create a Poll or Survey for a Course




What are the different ways I can setup a poll or survey for my course?


Note: Polls for Canvas was a mobile app that is no longer available as of January 2021.

How do you want to present the poll?

  • A survey using classic quizzes in Canvas
  • A New Quizzes quiz in Canvas
    • Note: Instructure plans to separate survey functionality from quizzing functionally with New Quizzes
    • There are some workarounds to creating a survey within New Quizzes
      • Be sure to make the quiz 0 points and “do not mark this assessment towards the final grade”
      • Make sure that Student Result View in the Settings are restricted, so students do not see “answers” for the survey
      • Some recommend question types for surveys in New Quizzes:
        • Multiple Answer
        • Essay (can also be used for short answer/response)
        • True/False
        • File Upload
        • Fill in the Blank (free response)
  • Polling in a Zoom meeting 
  • IVQ (Interactive Video Quiz) embedded into a MiVideo video 
  • The School of Public Health has a Poll Everywhere license
    • An LTI tool integrated with Canvas
    • Only available for courses in the SPH account
    • See the Poll Everywhere Instructor Guide
  • A Qualtrics survey 
    • An online survey platform not integrated with Canvas
    • Features include survey creation, distribution, analysis, and storage
    • See the Getting Started with Qualtrics article
  • Google Forms

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