Interactive Video Quiz (IVQ) Analytics in MiVideo and Canvas


MiVideo MediaSpace

​​​​Kaltura Analytics describes how viewers engage with your media. Analytics are aggregated across both Canvas and MiVideo platforms. Analytic metrics can be found per Media item or Media Gallery/Channel, See related Analytics articles for more information about these metrics.


The results of an IVQ (Interactive Video Quiz) for a specific published video. See the IVQ (Interactive Video Quiz) article to learn how to add quizzes to videos.


Note: IVQ analytics are available for media owners and co-editors. If the IVQ is published to a course Media Gallery, Teachers, TAs, and Designers cannot view the analytics unless they are also the owner or a co-editor.

Locate analytics

  • Canvas: Account > My Media > click the analytics icon next to the media item
    • or from the Media page > Actions > Analytics
  • MiVideo MediaSpace: user drop-down menu > My Media > click the analytics icon next to the media item

If the video contains an IVQ, you will see three tabs displayed across the top of the Analytics page.

Video Questions

Quiz Questions tab

  • View all questions on the quiz 
  • Click Export to CSV to export the results (optional)
  • Click on the question to expand and view the answers provided by each user
  • Read the responses to Open-ended Questions and Add Note as applicable

Quiz Users tab

  • View unique users scores for the quiz and the number of times the viewers took the quiz
  • Click Export to CSV to export the results (optional)
  • Users
    • Clicking on a viewer’s name displays the viewer’s answers based on the latest attempt
  • Attempts
    • The first number indicates the number of attempts and the second number indicates the number of times the quiz can be taken
    • Multiple attempts must be enabled when the quiz is created. See the IVQ (Interactive Video Quizzing) article
  • Final Score (Latest)
    • Final grade based on the last attempt results, or other metrics if multiple attempts is enabled
  • Action
    • Click the trash can to reset attempt times and allow the user to take the quiz again

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