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My Media is the location for managing your video, audio, and image files in Canvas and MiVideo Mediaspace. See related My Media articles for more information about using your media library.


How do I download personal media that I uploaded to My Media?

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How to Download Personal Media Uploaded To My Media


Media owners and co-editors can download their My Media entries. See the Media Collaboration and Roles article for information about ownership.


  • Two source lecture recordings (e.g. camera and screen): 
    • The download button will only download the primary video. See the Download the Secondary Video article if you need the second recording made with Kaltura Capture.
  • In some cases, the download may be a transcoded version of the video and not the original source. If you need the original source, contact the ITS Service Center. Make sure to include the media's title and where it was uploaded (e.g. Canvas My Media).
  • Media in My Media can only be downloaded one entry at a time. If there is a need for a bulk media download please contact the ITS Service Center.
  • If the Media Owner is a Canvas Teacher or similar role and wants to enable downloads for students, see the Media Download in Canvas or MiVideo article. 

Download Media

  1. Go to your My Media library:
    1. Canvas: Account > My Media
    2. MiVideo Mediaspace: user drop-down menu > My Media 
  2. Click the pencil icon to the right of the entry to open the Edit Media page
  3. Click the download button in the upper or lower (this may vary depending on if you are on Canvas or MiVideo) right corner of the media player to download the video to your computer

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See related My Media articles for more information about using your media library.

Additional Information

For additional questions, please contact the ITS Service Center


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