MiVideo Media Download in Canvas or MiVideo Mediaspace


MiVideo Mediaspace

The Edit Media page is the location to edit the details about your media. See the Edit Media articles for information about the other editing tabs on this page.


 How to allow for downloading the media item from Canvas or MiVideo Mediaspace


The Downloads tab on the Edit Media page allows you to select which file formats viewers can download the media in. 


  • To edit a media item you have to be the media owner or co-editor of the content. See the Media Collaboration and Roles article for information about ownership
  • The editing tabs may vary depending on your role
  • To edit the media file (trim, chop, splice, copy, and add hotspots and Interactive Video Quizzes) see the Video Editor articles
  1. Navigate to the Edit Media page:
    • Canvas: Account > My Media > pencil icon next to the media item
      • or from the Media page, click Actions > Edit
    • MiVideo Mediaspace: user drop-down menu > My Media > pencil icon next to the media item.
      • or from the Media page, click Actions > Edit
  2. Select the Downloads tab


  • All file formats appear, but only those that are actually available will appear to viewers
  • You cannot select file formats for YouTube media
  • The download media module is enabled and configured by the site administrator. The site administrator determines which user roles can download media, and which file formats you can make available to those users. Before enabling downloads, check with your site administrator if you are concerned about which user roles can download your media
  1. To enable viewers to download the media, check the box next to the file format(s) you want to make available. Click Save.

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See the Edit Media articles for information about the other editing tabs on this page.

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