Utilizing Video Editor in MiVideo and Mediaspace


MiVideo MediaSpace

The Video Editor provides media trim, chop, splice, and copy capabilities within Canvas and MiVideo MediaSpace. In addition, Interactive Video Quizzes (IVQs) and hotspots can be embedded into videos. See related Video Editing Tools articles for more information about this editor.


Utilizing the Video Editor in Canvas and MiVideo MediaSpace. 


Video Editor allows you to edit a media file by trimming, chopping, splicing video segments and creating a copy.

  • Trimming allows you to permanently remove frames from the beginning and/or the end of a video
  • Chopping allows the video to be broken into segments
  • Splicing merges together video segments
  • You can create a full or partial copy of your video using the Save a Copy button

See the Edit Media articles to edit the details about the media.


  • To preserve the source video, consider saving a copy first
  • For help with audio trimming, please contact the ITS Service Center or your KMC administrator
  • If you have deleted all the slides and chapters from a Timeline presentation but are still getting a message that trimming cannot be performed, just reload the page

Note: Only the owner or co-editor can create clips from the media. See the Collaboration and Roles article.

  1. Navigate to the Video Editor:
  • From the Edit Media page > Launch Editor.
  • From the Media page > Actions > Launch Editor.
  1. Click Save a Copy (optional). Enter a title and click Create. You will find the copy in My Media. If you are not making any other edits to the video click the exit icon
  2. Click the editor icon
  3. Move the marker on the timeline to the position in the video to begin chopping
  4. Click the scissors icon to split the recording into two segments
  5. Repeat to create multiple segments as needed
  6. To delete unnecessary segments, click on the segment and then the trash icon
  7. Once you have the segments created adjust the timeline handlebars to set the beginning and end of a clip
    1. Click, hold and slide the handlebars to the beginning and end of a segment
    2. Or move the timeline marker to the start of the clip, click the Set in icon to automatically adjust the timeline handlebar to that point in the recording, move the marker to the end of the clip, click the Set Out icon to automatically adjust the timeline handlebar to that point in the recording
  8. Apply a fade in or fade out effect. 
    1. Use the marker to indicate the point on the timeline for the effect to fade out
    2. Click the Fade In/Out icon
    3. Set how long in seconds for the fade Out effect to run
    4. Select the clip that will follow in sequence and move the marker to the fade in point on timeline
    5. Click the Fade In/Out icon
    6. Set the fade In time
    7. Click Save a Copy to create the clip
    8. When finished, click the exit icon to quit the Video Editor

Note: The Save option will overwrite the video with the edited clip

Video Demos

How to Chop and Splice Media

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See related Video Editing Tools articles for more information about this editor.

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