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Ways to share the workload when ordering and editing machine closed captions for audio and video files


Captions and Disability Accommodations

When a student in your class presents you with a Students with Disabilities office (SSD) official accommodation letter you can request that the SSD office order professional (human-generated) captions for your media. For more information about disability accommodations, please contact the University's SSD office.

Machine captions are rarely compliant with Americans with Disabilities Act requirements until they are edited. You should expect that any machine-generated captions will need to be edited for accuracy. 

Canvas Teachers, TAs, Designers Can Order Captions

The easiest way to have help ordering and/or editing captions is to publish your videos in your course Media Gallery. Course manager roles (Teacher, TA, Designer) can order captions without additional permissions. 

Assign Media Collaborators To Help

When your media is not published in Media Gallery, or you would like someone to help who does not have a course manager role in your Canvas course, you can add the user as a co-editor on each media file. You must be the media owner to add collaborators.


  • See the Collaboration and Roles article for more information about collaboration settings.​​​​​​
  • If your collaborator is not found, ask them to access their own My Media once to be added to the user database.
  • If you have a lot of videos you want to add collaborators to, contact the ITS MiVideo team at the ITS Service Center for assistance. We have bulk permissions tools that may help. See the Adding Collaborators in Bulk article for more details.

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Additional Information

For additional questions, please contact the ITS Service Center


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