Human-Created MiVideo Captions For SSD Accommodation


MiVideo Mediaspace

Auto captioning was enabled in MiVideo on 4/22/2024. Machine-generated English captions are automatically ordered for all video and audio you add to your My Media library. This includes uploaded media from a desktop, media uploaded from Kaltura Capture, passthrough media from YouTube, media recorded using Express Capture, and media copied using the U-M Zoom Recordings Manager.


My video has unedited auto machine captions which are not ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) compliant. I need professional human-created captions for a disability accommodation.


Professional human-created captions can be ordered on request for disability accommodations through the SSD office. Please complete the MiVideo Captioning, Transcription & Audio Descriptions Request Form

The SSD office will provide further instructions on how to order professional captions.

Professional captions can be ordered for videos that already have machine captions. Once professional captions are created they will become the default and the machines captions will be disabled on the video.

  • The source video must be in English.
  • Captioning requests produce English caption and transcript files.
  • The recording length can be edited down as necessary prior to ordering professional captions, see the Utilizing Video Editor article.

Additional Information

For additional questions, please contact the ITS Service Center

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