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Auto captioning was enabled in MiVideo on 4/22/2024. Machine-generated English captions are automatically ordered for all video and audio you add to your My Media library. This includes uploaded media from a desktop, media uploaded from Kaltura Capture, passthrough media from YouTube, media recorded using Express Capture, and media copied using the U-M Zoom Recordings Manager.


The auto English machine captions produced nonsense as the source language of my video is not English, can I order machine captions in another language?


The default language for auto machine captions is English. The machine is currently unable to auto detect the source language of a video, so regardless of the source language the machine will attempt to generate an English captions file.

However, machine-generated captions can be manually ordered in many different languages.

Machine captions can be ordered for videos that already have English machine captions as long as the language selected during ordering is not English. 

  1. Disable or delete the English captions.
  2. Order machine-generated captions in the language spoken most often
    • You'll be able to select a language from the dropdown list on the captions ordering page
  3. Optional: Edit the captions and manually update captions for any other spoken languages

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