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How to delete media captions from Canvas or MiVideo Mediaspace

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How to Delete Captions from MiVideo and Canvas


To completely delete MiVideo captions files, you must be the media owner or co-editor. See the Collaboration and Roles article to learn how to add co-editors to media. Canvas course managers (Teachers, TAs, Designers) can order captions for most Media Gallery content without having to be the owner or a co-editor

You must delete both the captions file and its transcript files, if they exist.

NOTE: You will not be able to re-order machine-generated captions.

  1. Navigate to the Edit Media page:
    • Canvas: Account > My Media > pencil icon next to the media item
      • or from the Media page, click Actions > Edit
    • MiVideo Mediaspace: user drop-down menu > My Media > pencil icon next to the media item
      • or from the Media page, click Actions > Edit
  2. Click the Captions tab
  3. Click the X next to the captions file to delete it (WARNING: this action is permanent. You may want to download the file for backup first)
  4. Click the Attachments tab
  5. If they exist, delete the .json and .txt files from the Attachments tab (these are the transcript files)

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