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How to order machine-generated or professional human-generated English captions for media in Canvas and MiVideo Mediaspace. 

Media must be uploaded to your My Media in Canvas or Mediaspace to use this service. 

Language translation captions, audio descriptions, and audio language translation (dubbing) are separate services; see the Order Language Translation Captions for MediaAudio Descriptions (AD) for Media, and Audio Language Translation for Media articles.



Viewing Captions in the Kaltura Media Player

Once captions are added to a recording, viewers will have the option to enable captions in the media player by clicking the closed captions icon. 

Example video with Closed Captioning

What is MiVideo?

Machine-generated Captions

My Media provides free machine-generated captions on demand. These captions are not always accurate. See the Edit Captions article to edit the machine-generated captions for accuracy and accessibility. 

  • Media must be uploaded to your My Media in Canvas or Mediaspace to use this service.
  • The source media can be one of any supported language.
  • Captioning requests produce caption and searchable and interactive transcript files of the original source language.
  • This service is provided using automatic speech recognition (ASR) technology.
  • Media owners and co-editors can order captions for audio and video files.
  • Canvas course managers (Teachers, TAs, Designers) can order captions for most Media Gallery content without having to be the owner or a co-editor.
  • It may take up to 30 minutes for machine captions to complete.
  • You cannot re-order machine-generated captions. You will have to make a copy of the video and order machine-generated captions on the copy or contact the ITS Service Center for assistance.

Ordering Machine-generated captions

  1. Access My Media
    • Canvas: Account > My Media 
    • MiVideo Mediaspace: user drop-down menu > My Media
  2. Check the box next to the media item
  3. Select Actions > Caption & Enrich
  4. Choose the Machine service
  5. Select the appropriate Source Media Language. Leave the defaults in the other fields
  6. Click Submit
  7. You will receive an email notification when the captions are ready for editing. See the Edit Captions article.

Professional Human-generated Captions (English to English)

Currently, Kaltura contracts with Verbit to generate professional captions. This is a premium fee-based service. It is not free. Professional human-created captions can be ordered on request for disability accommodations (through the SSD office) or with a shortcode. Please complete the MiVideo Captioning, Transcription & Audio Descriptions Request Form.

  • The source video must be in English.
  • For non-SSD requests; price is based on turnaround time. See the ordering form for estimated costs.
  • For SSD requests; instructor instructions for ordering captions are provided by the SSD office

Ordering Professional Captions

  • Media must be uploaded to your My Media in Canvas or Mediaspace to use this service.
  • Captioning requests produce English caption and transcript files.
  • For non-SSD requests; the cost is based on the length of the recording rounded up the next minute (not the number of minutes of audio that need transcribed). For example, a recording with a length of 10 minutes and 1 second will be charged for 11 minutes.
  • The recording length can be edited down as necessary, see the Utilizing Video Editor article.
  • For non-SSD requests; the ITS-MiVideo team will need a shortcode and authorized signer approval to place the order.
  • For non-SSD requests; the ITS-MiVideo team will email the requester once the order is completed.

Video Demos

How to Order Captions for a Video In My Media on Canvas

How to Order, Edit, and Download Captions and Transcripts

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