How to Disable or Enable MiVideo Captions Display


MiVideo MediaSpace


Use cases

  • Captions in a MiVideo player are not displaying but are available on the Edit Media page > Captions tab
  • Captions are displaying, but the media owner wants to disable them (usually due to low quality/fidelity issues)


Only media owners or their designated co-editors can perform these steps. See the Collaboration and Roles article to learn how to add co-editors to media. 

  • Navigate to the Edit Media page:
    • Canvas: Account > My Media > pencil icon next to the media item
      • or from the Media page, click Actions > Edit
    • MiVideo MediaSpace: user drop-down menu > My Media > pencil icon next to the media item
      • or from the Media page, click Actions > Edit
  • Click the Captions tab
  • If captions are available, there will be several buttons to the far right of each captions file. The last button, which looks like a player/screen, can be used to toggle captions display on or off. When the captions are off, a diagonal line is drawn through the icon. 


  • If the media has poor captions fidelity, they can be edited by the media owner or co-editors. In Canvas Media Gallery, Teachers, TAs, and Designers can edit captions. See the Edit Captions article.
  • If captions are out of sync and difficult to edit, DO NOT DELETE them. See the Fix Out of Sync Closed Captions article.

Video Demo

How-To Edit Captions & Transcripts

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