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Using the Globus file transfer service

. Sharing Data with Globus ARC subscribes to Sharing or Guest collections, which allow users to create new Collections that are subsets of existing Collections and can be shared with other users

Couldn't start Dropbox

also cause an error. For more information, click the help button below." Environment macOS Monterey Directions Go to Activity Monitor and Force Exit all Dropbox Instances Go to

Canceling scheduled tasks in AEM

Websites on Adobe Experience Manager (AEM 6.5). Directions Log into the AEM Workflow Console. Click on Instances Tab. This brings up all the scheduled workflow tasks. Navigate to the task you

Validating a webpage

, especially since different browsers treat code errors differently. Validating the code is one step in making sure your webpage can be viewed by all browsers. It can also catch errors that are easy to overlook

Installing university licensed software on LSA-managed Windows computers

the background.  During this time, you may continue to use your device. You may select and install multiple applications at the same time.  Software Center will queue all selected titles to be


to create? If you need equipment for work or play, the LSA TS Loan is here to assist anyone within LSA. View our Equipment Catalog for more specific information on our inventory of items. All

Windows 11 Failure

after) *Updates can also rarely get “stuck” at different percentages in Software center and it will persist after restarting the computer and it may not allow you to use the other update

Linux boot time

Issue This article discusses how to determine when a Linux machine was last restarted or rebooted. Environment RHEL 7 & 8 Resolution It is reasonable to expect all of these commands to

Running Managed Software Center from a remote terminal

the computer needs to be rebooted. Notify the customer if this needs to happen, or if the computer is all set. External resources Izzy is at

Technology Services guidelines for warranties with technology purchases

year warranties are chosen.  If departments do not purchase these warranties, they will be responsible for the cost of any repairs, accidental or otherwise. Environment For all LSA technology

Programmatic access to MCommunity information

valid business case for all fields requested. Configure directory access directions via ITS' documentation. Notes Additional information on LDAP access is in the ITS Knowledge Base.

Anaconda Python in Randall Lab supported departments

. Names and versions evolve with time; to find out what environments exist on your system, run either conda info --envs or conda env list. Permissions are configured such that users are allowed to

Publishing lecture recordings

Recordings option for the class that needs recordings published. This will open a page with all of the recordings that have been made in the site so far, regardless of their availability to viewers

Malwarebytes Nebula agent

Malwarebytes Nebula agent? The Malwarebytes Nebula agent is a tool that can quickly detect and quarantine adware, viruses, malware, and other threats, and is installed on all managed Windows and Mac

Re-Syncing Windows login with Kerberos password

only U-M traffic or All Traffic) After connecting to VPN they may get a pop up notification saying their password needs to be synced Have user lock their screen using Ctrl+Alt+Del and