Print Jobs Pausing


Get windows print jobs to print without pausing once they are sent to the print queue.




What is causing the print jobs to pause

After updates are being ran on windows machines the Papercut client is not always restarting itself and running.

How to check if papercut is running

If a user reports that their print jobs are being paused immediately after being sent to the queue open task manager to see if the pc-client process is running in the list of background processes.

If the pc-client process is not listed than the Papercut client is not running which is causing the print job to be paused in the print queue.

How to restart the papercut client

To run the pc-client go to this file path in file explorer C:\Program Files\PaperCut MF Client and then run the application file that says pc-client

After running that you should now see pc-client process in task manager.

Start the print job again and it will run successfully or with how the users mprint account was setup it will bring up a papercut window that asks the user what account they would like to "charge" it to.

If the user doesn't want it to prompt them every time they print you can adjust their settings at and scroll down to the "print account selection settings" section and change it to always charge it to personal (quota) accounts and that will no longer prompt them to choose the account to print from. 

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