Anaconda Python in Randall Lab supported departments

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Anaconda is  installed as the default Python environment for both Mac and Linux computers 

For general information and documentation on Conda, please refer to the Conda cheat sheet or the Conda documentation.

Default Mac and Linux Environments

The following table shows what environments are typically installed by default for the departments listed in each "Departments" section. Names and versions evolve with time; to find out what environments exist on your system, run either conda info --envs or conda env list.

Permissions are configured such that users are allowed to create their own environments within the default environment storage location (/usr/local/anaconda/envs) as well as in their home directories or any other location where they have write access.

Environment Example Location Python Version Departments
base (default) /usr/local/anaconda latest version All departments when -a flag is set during post-izzy
Legacy Environments
python3 or py39 /usr/local/anaconda/envs/python3 3.9 Astronomy, Complex Systems, Physics, Statistics
iraf27 /usr/local/anaconda/envs/iraf27 2.7 Astronomy
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