Managing MPrint queues


MPrint's info site offers a way to manage printer queues. The site offers more information on the individual printers, help with troubleshooting the queues themselves, the ability to disable the printer queue in the case of an out of service printer, or enable a queue for a printer when it is ready to go online again. 


LSA TS MPrint  


  1. Open a web browser and navigate to the MPrint information page.
  2. In the Quick Search field, type in the queue name if known, or the room number of the printer, which should be part of the printer queue name, to narrow down the list of printers displayed.
  3. Select the printer name you are looking for.
  4. The entry will expand to show more detailed information on the printer.
    MPrint Info Print Queue Detail
    One of the more important pieces of information the expanded view offers is Queue Enabled, which can tell if you if the printer queue is actively accepting jobs or not.
  5. In the detailed view, there are several links available to select from to gain the information you are looking for, or to manage the printer queue:
    • Building will bring up a Google Maps page to show you where on campus the building is located.
    • Printer Location will open the page to the building and printer's location .
    • IP Address will take you to the printer's website interface via the IP address if available.
    • Support Info allows you to add a message regarding the current status of the printer. Say for example if the printer is out of service waiting for a part.
    • Queue Restrictions will bring up a page that lists the MCommunity groups that are allowed to print to those queues.
    • Commands has several options available under it:
      • Cancel Jobs allows you to cancel jobs in the print queue.
      • Test Print allows you to send a test job to the printer queue.
      • Test Connectivity tests that the printer is communicating with the print server.
      • Enable allows you to Enable the print queue if it is disabled.
      • Disable allows you to Disable the print queue, which will deny incoming jobs and let the users know the printer is currently not accepting jobs.
      • Get Queued Job Count will tell you how many jobs from each operating system type are queued up to print.


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