Running Managed Software Center from a remote terminal

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How to connect to a Mac remotely and run the Managed Software Center via a terminal window to install updates.


  • Mac OS
  • Managed Software Center
  • Izzy


If you have any packages to select for the computer, please update the computer record in Izzy before proceeding.
  1. Open up a terminal window, such as PuTTY, Terminal, or a BASH shell.
  2. Connect to the computer using this syntax: ssh

    If the computer name doesn't work, you can use the IP address.
  3. After connecting, run this command to check for updates: sudo /usr/local/munki/managedsoftwareupdate
  4. After authenticating, It will run and check for updates.
  5. Run this command to install the updates: sudo /usr/local/munki/managedsoftwareupdate --installonly
  6. After authenticating, it will start the process to install, and will provide visual terminal identifiers that it is working.
  7. Once it is finished, it may prompt that the computer needs to be rebooted. Notify the customer if this needs to happen, or if the computer is all set.

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