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My Media is the location for managing your video, audio, and image files in Canvas and MiVideo Mediaspace. See related My Media articles for more information about using your media library.


Upload media to My Media that is saved to Dropbox. 

Once you have installed the Dropbox desktop application, any changes you make to the Dropbox application are automatically synced to your account at dropbox.umich.edu.


Important note: While Dropbox is PHI compliant, PHI is not permitted on MiVideo. Please use discretion when uploading media from Dropbox to MiVideo.

1. Install Dropbox desktop app 

The Dropbox app can be installed on Windows and Mac computers. Note: You must first create your Dropbox account before downloading the Dropbox desktop application. Instructions for creating your account can be found on the Getting Started webpage.  Instructions for installing can be found on the Installing Dropbox on Your Device webpage.

2. Launch the app and sign in to Dropbox

After launching the app, type your @umich.edu email address in the Email field. The display changes to indicate "single sign-on enabled". Click the Get your link code button. A webpage will open in your browser with a link code. If you are not already authenticated with weblogin, you will be prompted to sign in first using your uniqname and UMICH (Level-1) password. Copy the link code, paste into the app, and Submit

3. Upload Media to My Media

Once the app is installed you will see Dropbox appear in File Explorer (Windows) or Finder (Mac).

  1. Select Media Upload from the Add New menu
    • Canvas: Account > My Media > Add New Media Upload
    • MiVideo Mediaspace: Add New Media Upload
      • Note for Mediaspace users: If you are logged in and cannot find the Add New list you may not have the necessary upload rights, or your site is using a special layout. Contact your site administrator for help.
  2. Click Choose a file to upload and select your file from Dropbox (University of Michigan) located in the left navigation pane in File Explorer (Windows) or under Favorites in Finder (Mac).
  3. While your file is uploading, edit the NameDescription, add Tags, and enter any custom metadata as needed. Be sure to click Save
    • You may see a publish status option at the bottom of the page depending on your site’s configuration. Media items cannot be published until all required fields are filled out and the item is saved. If all required fields are not completed, the media will still be saved to My Media, however it will have a private status. Publishing statuses are covered in the Publish Media article.
  4. Do not leave the page until the blue upload bar turns to green and you get a success message.
  5. There is a Choose another file button at the bottom of the page to add another file. You can upload files and save metadata on the same page, but be careful to make sure all the upload bars have turned green before navigating away.
  6. When the upload is complete, two links appear near the Save button:
    • Go to My Media directs you back to your all media list.
    • Go to Media directs you to view your newly uploaded media on the Media page.

Note: You will receive an email when the media is done processing with instructions on how to order captions for video and audio files. See the Order Captions article.

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See related My Media articles for more information about using your media library.

See the Dropbox at UM webpage for more information about Dropbox.

Additional Information

For additional questions, please contact the ITS Service Center

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