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What is the difference between Google Calendar appointment slots and appointment schedules?


  • The appointment slots feature allows you to set up a block of appointments on your calendar that other people can reserve. Appointment slots can be scheduled on any calendar a person owns or has delegated access to. 
  • The appointment schedule feature allows you to share your availability via a booking page, which can be used by U-M and external individuals, including those without a Google account, to schedule meetings with you. Appointment schedules can be scheduled on any calendar a person owns, has edit access to ("Make changes" permission), or has delegated access to.
  • Refer to the Google Help Center for a more detailed overview of appointment slots and schedules, including the key differences between each, when to use slots vs. schedules, and how to turn on/off appointment schedules.

Additional Information

You can only have one feature enabled at once. This means you can either have appointment schedules OR appointment slots but not both. You can adjust this under "Appointment schedules" in your Google Calendar settings.

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