Change My Preferred Name in University Systems


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The name I prefer to use is not the same as the name used by the University. How do I update my personal information so my preferred name is used?


Once the preferred name is synced to MCommunity, it is then synced to the other campus systems (Google, Canvas, and so on). Unless there are processing backlogs in Wolverine Access or MCommunity, these changes should take effect within a few minutes. Note: a PRIVATE MCommunity directory entry will interfere with the display of the preferred name in both MCommunity and in Google.

Additional Information

The Primary Name is not the same as the Preferred Name.  You must set your Preferred Name in order for that to override the Primary Name.  The Primary Name CAN pull in your middle name, even if you do not see it on the page you're looking at.  So set your Preferred Name for your name to display the way you intend.

See the document at for more detailed information about Preferred Names.

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