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The name I prefer to use is not the same as the name used by the University. How do I update my personal information so my preferred name is used?

NOTE: Alumni (with no current active university roles) must change their information in Alumni Records at UM-Dearborn and UM-Flint students must update their Preferred Name in their Student Information System (SIS). Sponsored Affiliates without any other U-M affiliation must contact their Sponsorship Administrator to update their name in the Sponsor System.


Update Wolverine Access

The quickest way to update your record is to log in to Wolverine Access self-service and set a Preferred Name of Record. Changing your Preferred Name in Wolverine Access will update the display name ONLY for Faculty/Staff (all campuses), and Ann Arbor Students.

  1. Go to
    • Students should click on Students (found in Campus Collections) and then click on Student Business 
    • Faculty, staff and some sponsored affiliates should click on Faculty and Staff (found in Campus Collections) and then Faculty Business or Employee Self Service
  2. Click Campus Personal Information and then Names in the list of options that appears
  3. Within the expanded Names area, click the Add a new name button near the bottom
  4. Within the expanded Add a new name area, change Name Type to "Preferred Name of Record" then fill out the fields below with your preferred details (Prefix is not required)
  5. Once you have input your desired information, click Save

Work with Department HR

Work with your department and the department's HR personnel to change your primary name of record (also called your legal name) in MPathways.

Fill out the Personal Data Change Request eForm

Once the preferred name is synced to MCommunity, it is then synced to the other campus systems (Google, Canvas, and so on). Unless there are processing backlogs in Wolverine Access or MCommunity, these changes should take effect within a few minutes.

Note1: a PRIVATE MCommunity directory entry will interfere with the display of the preferred name in both MCommunity and in Google.

Note2: If you've followed the steps above and your name is not updating, please go to U-M Account Management > Your Information > Edit Your Information and look for a Chosen Name field. If you have the Chosen Name turned on, please clear that field and turn it off.

Additional Information

Your Primary Name is not the same as your Preferred Name.  You must set your Preferred Name in order for that to override the Primary Name. The Primary Name CAN pull in your middle name, even if you do not see it on a particular page. You need to set your Preferred Name for your name to display the way you intend.

See for more detailed information about Preferred Names.

You can get a new Mcard with your preferred name. 

The Preferred Name may be relevant to COVID compliance issues.

Need additional information or assistance? Contact the ITS Service Center.

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