End of Term Gradebook Checklist for Canvas




A checklist of items faculty need to complete prior to the end of the term to prepare for uploading final grades to MPathways Faculty Business


  1. Remove unused assignments
  2. Exclude assignments
  3. Convert ungraded assignments
  4. Excuse an assignment for a student
  5. Post hidden grades for assignments
  6. Set assignment group weights appropriately
  7. Apply a grading scheme
    • You must format final grades as letter grades to use the Canvas Letter Grades Import function within Faculty Business
    • To calculate final grades as letters (or another acceptable grade format) you must first apply a grading scheme
    • When the course grading scheme has been set, instructors will see the letter grade in the "Total" column of the Gradebook along with the % or points
    • Students will also see their final letter grade
    • Enable a currently-defined grading scheme (Note: The default grading scheme can’t be edited)
    • Create or modify a grading scheme of your own
  8. Allow students to view final grades
  9. Don’t conclude the course
    • Instructors do not need to conclude their courses
    • The end date of the course is automatically set by the term date
    • After the end date students will have read-only access to the course but instructors maintain full-access
    • If the course is manually concluded, instructors will have read-only access to the course and only Canvas admin can un-conclude the course
  10. Import final grades into Faculty Business

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Additional Information

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