Protect Privacy and Content in Zoom Meetings and Webinars Using Live Transcription / Captions




I want to turn on live transcription (automated machine captions) in my Zoom meeting or webinar for accessibility, but I do not want the transcript to be able to be shared outside of the meeting or webinar. How can I protect content in the meeting or webinar?


  1. Navigate to and login with U-M Weblogin, if prompted
  2. Click In meeting (advanced) on the left, just underneath the Meeting tab
  3. Find the Closed captioning section
  4. Adjust one or both of the following options, as desired:
    • Toggle Save captions off (just below Closed captioning): this means that subtitles will show during the meeting or webinar and, if Allow viewing of full transcript in the in-meeting side panel is checked, the transcript will also be available, but the following two options will be impacted for all participants (even the host):
      • The Save transcript button, which downloads the transcript as a .txt file, will be removed and participants will not be able to save the transcript as a .txt file
      • Participants will not be able to copy content from the transcript side panel (selecting content is blocked)
    • Uncheck Allow viewing of full transcript in the in-meeting side panel underneath Closed captioning: this means that subtitles will show in the meeting or webinar if Live Transcription is enabled, but participants will not be able to open the full transcript side panel to see everything transcribed to that point. This will prevent participants from being able to take screenshots of the transcript
      Important Security Note: this option only impacts participants who are using Zoom version 5.7.0 or newer. Participants who are using a Zoom app that is older than 5.7.0 will still be able to open the full transcript, even if you uncheck this option. As 5.7.0 was released 6/21/2021, ITS advises waiting to attempt to use this feature until Fall 2021, at which time a majority of users will be using 5.7.0 or newer

Additional Information

Both of these options must be adjusted prior to starting the meeting or webinar. If you adjust them during the meeting or webinar, the meeting or webinar must be ended and re-started for the changes to take effect.

Need additional information or assistance? Contact the ITS Service Center.

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