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MiVideo Mediaspace

Playlists organize media into easy to browse collections so viewers don’t have to search to find related media. Multiple playlists can be created and the position media appear in the playlist can be ordered. See related Playlist articles for more information about these compilations.


How to remove media from a Media Gallery, channel, or personal playlist.

Note: Deleting a media item from a playlist does not delete the item which will remain in My Media and in the channel/Media Gallery (for channel and Media Gallery playlists). See the Delete Media article to permanently delete the media from My Media.

Video Demo

Remove Media from a Playlist


Teachers, TAs, and Designers can remove media from Media Gallery playlists. Only Managers can remove media from a channel playlist.

  1. Navigate to the Edit Playlist Details page 
  • Canvas: Media Gallery > Channel Actions  > Edit > Playlists tab > pencil icon next to the playlist
  • MiVideo Mediaspace:
    • for a personal playlist: user drop-down menu > My Playlists > pencil icon under the playlist
    • for a channel playlist: user drop-down menu > My Channels > edit pencil icon > Playlists tab > pencil icon next to the playlist
  1. In the Playlist list in the right column, click the triple dots on the right of the media
  2. Select Remove
  3. Repeat as necessary
  4. Click Save

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See related Playlist articles for more information about these compilations.

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