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Use Case Examples

  • Share media with your entire course by publishing to the Media Gallery
  • Embed media into an Assignment, Page, or other course content 
  • Add a link to a video or playlist as a Module item
  • Publish an IVQ video quiz as an Assignment


You must be the media owner or co-publisher to publish media. Co-editors and co-viewers are not able to publish media. See the Media Collaboration and Roles article.

Share media in the Media Gallery

  • You can publish media to Media Galleries for courses in which you are a Teacher, TA, or Instructional Designer. See the Add Media to a Course Media Gallery article.
  • Once media is published to the Media Gallery, playlists can be created to organize content. See the Create Playlists article. 
  • Teachers, TAs, and Instructional Designers can import a Media Gallery from another Canvas course. See the Import Into Media Gallery article.

Embed media and Media Gallery playlists into course content using the Rich Text Editor

Media and Media Gallery playlists can be embedded onto Pages, Assignments, or any tool that utilizes the Text Editor. Embedded media does not have to be first published to Media Gallery to be viewable using this method. However, embedded playlists require all media in the playlist to be published to the Media Gallery (see the Add Media to Playlists article). Access to the media is restricted based on who has access to the page, assignment, etc.

  1. In the Text Editor, select the MiVideo icon in the second row of toolbar buttons. If you do not see the MiVideo icon, click the triple dots icon.
  2. The default library shown is My Media. Select the tab along the top to select a different library.
  3. Click the gear icon next to the item to choose settings including the player skin.
  4. To embed a media item or playlist, click the Embed button for the item. This will embed the media or playlist into the MiVideo player on the page. When the page loads, the player will also load.  
    • Note: if you are embedding many videos in one page it is recommended to embed thumbnail images instead. This will result in the page to render faster because all the players don't have to load all at once. 
      • To embed a thumbnail image click the settings (gear) icon next to the video to embed, switch on Thumbnail Embed, and then click Embed.
      • Once embedded, clicking on the thumbnail image will load the video player.


  • Assignments can be assigned to specific sections and/or specific students. To share media or a playlist with specific sections and/or students embed the media or playlist into an Assignment and set Display Grade as Not Graded. The assignment will not show up in the Gradebook.
  • Discussions and Announcements can be posted to specific sections in the course. To share media or a playlist with specific sections embed the video into a discussion or announcement. 
  • Teachers, TAs, and Instructional Designers can copy course content from another Canvas course. If the content contains embedded media, that media becomes associated with the course and can be viewed by anyone enrolled in the course. See the Copy Content into New Canvas Course article.

Link to media and Media Gallery playlists in a module item

Use a link from Media Gallery to invoke the external tool authorization process behind the scenes. Clicking the link loads the Media page (or Playlist Playback page), similarly to clicking the video thumbnail (or playlist title) in Media Gallery. Note: The links to media in your My Media and your Kaltura Capture library are your personal links. Do not publish these links in your course as your students will not be able to view the media.

  1. Navigate to the course > Media Gallery
  2. Add the media item to Media Gallery if it is not already there. This will publish the media item to be viewable by everyone in the course. See the Create Playlists article for information about creating a Media Gallery playlist.
    1. Select the Media tab
    2. Click Add Media
    3. Check the box next to the media items you want to add to your Media Gallery for this course.
    4. Click Publish in the upper-right of the page.
  3. Find the media item or playlist you want to use. 
  • Media: Select the Media tab, right-click on the thumbnail image, and copy the link address (do not use this link to embed the media into other course content). If you are on a Mac with a one-button mouse, hold the control key and click the mouse button, then copy the link address.
  • Playlists: Select the Playlist tab, right-click on the playlist title, and copy the link address for the playlist (do not use this link to embed the playlist into other course content). If you are on a Mac with a one-button mouse, hold the control key and click the mouse button, then copy the link address.
  1. Create the Canvas Module item where the link is desired
    1. Locate the Module you want to add media to and click the “+” icon in the top-right of the module to add a new module item.
    2. In the pop-up window, from the drop-down menu, select External Tool.
    3. Then scroll to the bottom (past the list of tools) and paste the link address into the URL. Give the module item a Page Name.
    4. Click Add Item to finishing creating the module item.

Note: Alternatively, media can be embedded onto Pages and the page can be added as a module item. 

Publish an IVQ Video Quiz as an Assignment

Note: As a best practice, don't publish an IVQ as an Assignment and also publish the IVQ elsewhere in Canvas as this can mess up the analytics.

See the Understanding IVQ (Interactive Video Quizzing) article for more details.

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