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Referred to as “mini-portals”, channels are personally managed, user generated media collections in MiVideo. They can be configured in a variety of ways from fully open collaborative collections to private collections locked down to specific groups. Viewers can subscribe to channels to be notified when new content is added. See related Channel articles for more information.


How to create a channel in Mediaspace. 

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How to Create a Channel in Mediaspace


Create a new channel media collection.

  1. MiVideo Mediaspace: user drop-down > My ChannelsCreate Channel
  2. Enter the Name. A Description, Tags, and Reference ID are all optional. Most users don’t use a reference ID.
  3. Choose the Privacy level. There are two types of channels you can create. See the Channel Types article for more information.
  • Restricted access - limits access to anyone with a UM Weblogin
    • Create a restricted channel, add the media to it, then share the media or channel links with your audience. The channel is also discoverable on the Channels page for logged in users. Even though access is restricted by login, you should treat this a publicly viewable since anyone with a login can see the content. NEVER publish student assignment video content in a restricted channel without the owner’s express permission (e.g. as a showcase example). Please visit this webpage for more information about class recordings.

    • Note: Some Mediaspaces restrict access to members of specific MCommunity groups. Therefore, restricted access channels in these Mediaspaces will only be accessible to those MCommunity group members.

  • Private access - limits access to specific people
    • Private Channels require you to manage users individually. See the Understanding Mediaspace Roles and Channel User Management article to add members. In order to add users they must have already logged in to the site at least once. Depending on the size of your group, managing access with an MCommunity group may be more efficient. For help with private channels, including dealing with missing user accounts and Community groups, please contact the ITS Service Center for assistance. 

  • Note about public channels: Anyone, including anonymous visitors, can view content in a public channel but only specific users can add content. If you need a publicly accessible channel (no login), please contact the ITS-MiVideo team for a consultation to discuss your team's needs.

  1. Set desired Options. Note: options are based on site configuration and may vary from this example.
  • Moderate content (recommended to leave deselected): A channel manager or moderator must approve added media
  • Enable comments in channel (recommended to deselect to ensure comments made here don’t bleed through to Canvas): Enables the comments tab for all media in the channel. Comments can be blocked on a single media item in the Options tab on the Edit Media page. See the Media Options article
  • Keep comments private to channel (optional): Keeps media comments, when enabled, private to the channel. This is useful when media is published in more than one channel or category in the site and you do not want to share channel members’ comments with the wider site audience
  • Enable subscription to channel (optional): Provides your visitors with a Subscribe button on the Channel page. When users subscribe, they get an email notification every time new media is published to the channel. The channel must be Restricted to allow users to subscribe.
  1. (Optional) Assign Categories 

  • Associate a channel with existing gallery categories. This is an advanced feature that the ITS MiVideo support team can assist with. Submit a request to the ITS Service Center
  • When a channel is associated with a category, a “browse channels” link displays in the gallery category view
  • Gallery category viewers still see only the channels they are entitled to see
  1. (Optional) Select Topics - if enabled, allow views to be filtered by predefined topics. For assistance with configuring channel topics, contact the ITS MiVideo Support team by submitting a request to the ITS Service Center
  2. Click Save
  3. Wait for the green bar to appear indicating the channel is saved. Click the Back to channel link.
  4. (Optional) Add media to channel, see the Add Media to a Channel article. See the Create Playlists article for information about creating channel playlists.

Scroll back to the top of the Edit Channel page to see that a Users tab has been added. Click the tab to see that you are currently the only member, and your channel role is Manager. To add managers, contributors, moderators, or members, see the Mediaspace Roles & Channel User Management document.

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For additional questions, please contact the ITS Service Center

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