Create Custom Captions in MiVideo Mediaspace and Canvas


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There are many ways to create captions in MiVideo for video and audio:

  • Free machine-generated English captions are automatically ordered for all video and audio you add to your My Media library after 4/22/2024. 
  • Machine-generated captions for media added to your My Media prior to 4/22/2024 can be manually ordered
  • Professional human-generated captions can be ordered with a shortcode
  • Professional human-created captioning due to an SSD accommodation can be ordered through the SSD office.
  • Machine-generated captions for several source languages other than English are supported.
  • You can also upload a text transcript file generated from another source, such as Zoom, and order text-alignment which creates a new captions file in MiVideo.

In some cases you may want to create your own captions from a blank file, for example if the video is in a language not supported by MiVideo's machine-generated service.


To create a new captions file from scratch:

  1. Navigate to the Edit Media page.
  2. Captions tab > Create New Captions button.
  3. Select the source language and enter a label for your captions.
  4. The Captions Editor will open to a blank captions file. See the Edit Captions in Canvas and MiVideo Mediaspace article for more info about using this tool.

Additional Information

For additional questions, please contact the ITS Service Center

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